Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not Booting Up

This is hopefully the end of a really bad week.
I'm not normally a downer, or pessimist, but the past few days have been quite depressing. It began, I think, with my computer refusing to start. I left it on during dinner, came back to wake it up, and it was like "uh... nope I think I'll stay asleep thanks." My slightly computer-savvy friend looked at it to no avail, so I ended up taking it into the shop yesterday. Thankfully I have all my personal film files on a separate hard drive. The rest of my artwork, though... and my photos... and typed files... uh not so much. But I have another friend who says he could get everything off it in case The Monarch (as a girl, I am required to name my inanimate objects) decides to completely peace out on me.

Almost immediately after this happened, I got a speeding ticket, which granted was my own fault. Why is it always motorcycle cops that pull me over? (3 times! Only got a ticket once before though) BUT in my defense, it was an area that goes from a 50 mph zone to 40, then down to 35 in less than 1/2 mile. I was with my older sister the next day in that very spot, and she was going 70! And I'm not saying she was the only one going that speed, either. ( I was caught at 59 at the 40 sign) Anyway, this adds another $400 to my list of expenditures.

Oh, and lets not forget that along with these inevitable expensive events I also am out of work. I usually have a steady job as a nanny/babysitter to two young girls in the mornings, but it seems like the mom (who is pregnant with a third) will not be returning to her job anytime soon, so in turn leaves me jobless as well :(

These spurts of bad luck seem to have brought smaller friends with them, including embarrassing moments and badly thought out remarks. I couldn't seem to do anything right in the past few days. I hope this streak ends soon, like today.

Enough with the ranting, I just needed to put this down for the next time I feel things are going badly. That way they won't look too bad? Haha maybe. I hope my computer does get fixed soon, so I can post some doodles and sketches.


  1. Hey thing's are tough, but I'm sure it'll get much better! ;o)

    As Bobby Chiu says, if bad things happen when you're trying your hardest, if you keep going something great is around the corner. =)

    1. Thanks Brittany! :) I hope Bobby Chiu is right haha

  2. Sorry to hear about the rough week. I know EXACTLY how you feel, because last week was seriously one of the most stressed out/bummed out times in my life, coupled with a bunch of drama.

    When it gets bad, it gets pretty bad - but keep on going! It gives us a good contrast to the inevitable amount of good coming our way!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Here's hoping that healthy amount of good comes soon!