Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Cat Drawings before Move

Some animal practice and imagined drawings, some of the dogs are from The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals. I am moving into my babcia's (grandma's) house later today, and I won't have the chance to draw my kitties as often! BUT I will be able to draw Max, her cocker spaniel. I also won't have internet... I'll be making good friends with coffee shops, I guess! Kind of excited, kind of nervous about my internship tomorrow.
Good news though! This past weekend I went with my family on a ski trip with a bunch of Polish people on a bus (an annual thing my dad helps organize) and my mom introduced me to a guy who works at Dreamworks :) We chatted for a while about animation and what I want to go into, and he gave me advice on what to go into if I want to get into producing or story art. He also said good things about Acme, which makes me more convinced that it was a good move to take the internship! I will be keeping in contact with him, so will my mom, as his family and mine went through similar experiences during the WWII. Networking is fun.
By this time tomorrow, I will be a production intern! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview Attire with Diagram

Whenever I get an interview, I'm always worried about what to wear. Like most people, I am concerned about under dressing, what to do with my hair, what shoes to wear, if I should wear jewelry, etc. In a Non-Verbal Communications course, I was instructed to wear a two-piece suit, have my hair nice and back, wear small, closed-toed heels or pumps, and not wear any jewelry apart from simple earrings. However, a week before an internship fair on campus, I had an art teacher joke with some students and me about what to wear:

Prof: So you gonna come in all dressed with your suit and tie, nice shiny shoes with your hair all done?
Us: (not sure if he is being sarcastic) ...yes?
Prof: Haha no, really. Don't do that, you'll look like an idiot. Look at what I'm wearing, (gestures to self) this is what I would usually wear to an interview. A simple button down and some skinny jeans. Maybe comb my hair.
Us: ... wha? really?

So I made this chart to help myself and other artists on what to wear for your interview:

Of course for big companies I would stick closer to the traditional business side. But seriously, I showed up to an art interview once in exactly the traditional business attire, and the lady looked at me like I was crazy (I didn't get the position).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pencils and Pens

I asked my friend what to draw. He said "just throw a bunch of pens and pencils down, and draw them wherever they land." How poetic! So I did. Call it a metaphor for life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Life, Random Doodles

Soo... my life has been pretty unpredictable since I graduated college. Not knowing what lies ahead for me really puts me on edge. Not having regular income has been putting me on edge, too (not that I have many bills to pay anyways).

So the logical thing for me to do? Of course it's to take a full time internship with almost no pay. Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm starting Tuesday at Acme Filmworks as a Production Intern in Hollywood. This also means that I'll be moving in with my grandmother for the better part of the week, visiting my parents and sisters on the weekends. I'm pretty excited, but still weighing pros and cons.

Cons: 1) almost NO PAY, did I mention that? I thought I was done working for free -_- 2) living in a big house with only one other for company, whereas I'm used to several people around all the time 3) I'll be living away from most of my friends and family 4) my grandmother has a cocker spaniel
Pros: 1) production experience and hopefully a ton of networking 2) food made by my babcia (grandma) every day 3) get to go to LA Drawing Club meet ups :D 4) my grandmother has a FAT cocker spaniel, which means I have a running buddy

But what would I be doing otherwise? Babysitting (really cute) children and getting underpaid working freelance jobs. I think the experience will be worthwhile *crosses fingers*
In conclusion, here are some doodles as random as my life:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old Animation

Since I got my computer back, I've been going through all of my old files, deleting drawings I don't need and re-organizing ones I like. I also came upon a few animations that I made back in high school. My brother or family got me a program called Jasc Paint Shop Pro, and I found an animation maker attached to it a few months later. I played around drawing straight ahead in the program and importing the files into the animation program. Here is an incomplete animation from 2006, during my Danny Phantom phase. I remember adamantly following Ben Balistreri and Stephen Silver back then, freaking out over everything they did. It's weird that at the time, even though I spent most of my time doing things like this, I did not even consider going into the art field.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Zoo Drawings

Finally found my way to the zoo! Got to meet up with Brittany and some of her fellow artist friends and drew some critters. We made it to the tiger exhibit in time to watch the two little cubs wake up from their nap for some playtime! My drawings really don't do them justice.
On a life note, I suppose I've decided to focus on storyboarding, as it becomes increasingly obvious as I talk with industry professionals that that is the way to go. I need to just work on it... I don't think I am much of a storyboard artist, but I know I will improve if I put my heart into it. It is more difficult for me to work on my own after creating work for a professor throughout college! It's weird not working on an assignment haha

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some Viking

Drawing some viking guy... I need to draw more. Scratch that, I need to take more time to scan what I draw, but I can only use my parents' scanner, which sucks, instead of mine. Well, yeah. P.S. if I was to finish, he would be holding a guitar, not an ax.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Practicing for my other career

Since my computer busted, and my parents have been out of the country, and my part-time job has been on hold, I've taken up more interest in an old hobby: cleaning. Not only because I like living in a clean place, but also because if I don't, my grandmother will inevitably attempt to do it despite her intense arthritis. The last thing I want is for her to be cleaning dishes or busting out the broom with her frail hands, even if she has good intentions.
It's been quite nice, though, having control of where things go (and my parents aren't home to clutter up the place with their bills, work papers, and laptops!).  Of course, one day far away in the future, I plan on settling down, so in a sense it's just an opportunity to practice some domestic duties :) Still, I would gladly trade in the chores for a fixed computer so I could focus on Photoshop and after Effects instead of dusting, mopping, and doing laundry...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Muse and Getting Underpaid

More drawings of the best roommate ever! (I'm pretty sure I posted some of her before)
She is my baby! She also has a rabbit tail, as you can see. She and her 'brother' Boots are what keep me going! I should draw him more but he doesn't sleep in my room as often as she does, plus Baby has groovy stripes.
In other news, my computer should be ready soon! Then I can actually get some work done. I also spoke with my mentor/former Canadian professor  (in that, he is formerly my professor, not formerly Canadian) about what to charge for animation work. And I came to the realization that I have been going about things all wrong! With contracts, payments, etc. Hopefully I can fix some things before I dig more holes for myself haha. But it's okay! It's a learning experience...