Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Practicing for my other career

Since my computer busted, and my parents have been out of the country, and my part-time job has been on hold, I've taken up more interest in an old hobby: cleaning. Not only because I like living in a clean place, but also because if I don't, my grandmother will inevitably attempt to do it despite her intense arthritis. The last thing I want is for her to be cleaning dishes or busting out the broom with her frail hands, even if she has good intentions.
It's been quite nice, though, having control of where things go (and my parents aren't home to clutter up the place with their bills, work papers, and laptops!).  Of course, one day far away in the future, I plan on settling down, so in a sense it's just an opportunity to practice some domestic duties :) Still, I would gladly trade in the chores for a fixed computer so I could focus on Photoshop and after Effects instead of dusting, mopping, and doing laundry...

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