Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Life, Random Doodles

Soo... my life has been pretty unpredictable since I graduated college. Not knowing what lies ahead for me really puts me on edge. Not having regular income has been putting me on edge, too (not that I have many bills to pay anyways).

So the logical thing for me to do? Of course it's to take a full time internship with almost no pay. Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm starting Tuesday at Acme Filmworks as a Production Intern in Hollywood. This also means that I'll be moving in with my grandmother for the better part of the week, visiting my parents and sisters on the weekends. I'm pretty excited, but still weighing pros and cons.

Cons: 1) almost NO PAY, did I mention that? I thought I was done working for free -_- 2) living in a big house with only one other for company, whereas I'm used to several people around all the time 3) I'll be living away from most of my friends and family 4) my grandmother has a cocker spaniel
Pros: 1) production experience and hopefully a ton of networking 2) food made by my babcia (grandma) every day 3) get to go to LA Drawing Club meet ups :D 4) my grandmother has a FAT cocker spaniel, which means I have a running buddy

But what would I be doing otherwise? Babysitting (really cute) children and getting underpaid working freelance jobs. I think the experience will be worthwhile *crosses fingers*
In conclusion, here are some doodles as random as my life:


  1. Mona, I hope you know that as an overworked, sleep-deprived, lifeless law student, your sketches and animations never cease to make my day!

    1. Thanks Alex!! I'm glad someone likes looking at my random drawings :) I like reading about your law school life too! I would usually see them from your facebook page. I really enjoy "Shit my law professors say" though I dont always get the language haha

  2. Congrats on the internship! I know it's rough, working for little to no money. But really, it should be great in terms of experience and working knowledge of production.