Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Cat Drawings before Move

Some animal practice and imagined drawings, some of the dogs are from The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals. I am moving into my babcia's (grandma's) house later today, and I won't have the chance to draw my kitties as often! BUT I will be able to draw Max, her cocker spaniel. I also won't have internet... I'll be making good friends with coffee shops, I guess! Kind of excited, kind of nervous about my internship tomorrow.
Good news though! This past weekend I went with my family on a ski trip with a bunch of Polish people on a bus (an annual thing my dad helps organize) and my mom introduced me to a guy who works at Dreamworks :) We chatted for a while about animation and what I want to go into, and he gave me advice on what to go into if I want to get into producing or story art. He also said good things about Acme, which makes me more convinced that it was a good move to take the internship! I will be keeping in contact with him, so will my mom, as his family and mine went through similar experiences during the WWII. Networking is fun.
By this time tomorrow, I will be a production intern! :)

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  1. Yay! So happy for you! Also, One of the pictures of your cats is Baby trying to eat me. I'm convinced!