Monday, February 13, 2012

Zoo Drawings

Finally found my way to the zoo! Got to meet up with Brittany and some of her fellow artist friends and drew some critters. We made it to the tiger exhibit in time to watch the two little cubs wake up from their nap for some playtime! My drawings really don't do them justice.
On a life note, I suppose I've decided to focus on storyboarding, as it becomes increasingly obvious as I talk with industry professionals that that is the way to go. I need to just work on it... I don't think I am much of a storyboard artist, but I know I will improve if I put my heart into it. It is more difficult for me to work on my own after creating work for a professor throughout college! It's weird not working on an assignment haha


  1. It was tons of fun! Glad you could come! And they were totally adorable!!

  2. These look great Mona! And yes, storyboarding. You and me both. Lets trudge on!