Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Club 3 and Graduation

Here are some drawings from the LA Drawing Club a  few weeks ago. I still have a bunch more to post, but will do so in time!

My graduation ceremony is coming up and I am very excited to walk with my classmates :) Since it's the College of the Arts, it includes not only art but music, film, dance, theater, and design. And I have a couple friends in other departments, including one of my best buds, Gabby.

It's pretty crazy because once it's over, I'll permanently step into the realm of Not a Student Anymore, an area that looks down upon Messing Up, discourages Sleeping In or Partying It Up(the last two usually come hand in hand), and unfortunately lacks student discounts. I already have taken a tentative step into this place, having taken a full-time position and being expected to pay more bills and insurance payments, though I am still not completely comfortable here. I find myself sitting silently in the office kitchen while others chat about their 15-month old babies or their friends' wedding ceremonies, wondering instead if I can squeeze enough time out of my day to watch How to Train Your Dragon after work (I could not). I find myself in limbo, stuck between a world who calls me "ma'am" and my co-worker who calls me "kid." Somehow I imagine graduation to dramatically accelerate my slow drift into adulthood, though I know it will not. I try and think of ways to speed this up on my own by dressing less in printed t-shirts and more in ruffly tops and slacks, listening more to political radio, ...possibly pretending I have a baby? But then I remember that I've been an adult for far less time than I've been a child (4 to 18, a ratio of 2:9), and I probably just need more practice before I get it down right. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This Mother's day I gave my other grandmother (not the one I live with) a piece of artwork from my Senior art show. She has arthritis and was not able to make it to my show. She and my grandfather moved here to LA from New Jersey when I was eight, and helped raise me and my three sisters while my parents worked. She is a great woman and a fantastic babcia whom I love very much. Also, I gave my other grandmother (the one I live with) a painting a few years back, and felt like it would be nice to give this grandmother a piece of my artwork as well. It's based off of a Polish Church in Krakow with influence from Polish artwork, from my film in progress.

Friday, May 11, 2012

More Work Doodles

Just some more drawings I did at work! :) Hands, shoes, and some flowers done across the street during lunch.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Work

Nothing much has changed since I last updated this blog with content on my own life, except that I started a new job :) It was quite by accident, as the freelance position I applied for ended up changing into a full-time animation assistant position for some Flash e-courses. It's pretty awesome so far, as I get to draw every day! Yay! I work in Glendale, but still live with my awesome grandmother, who has me to help her out with various activities, including making homemade kumquat preserves, weeding her garden, and watching Dancing with the Stars Monday and Tuesday nights. She is quite hilarious at times, and I hope to soon illustrate some of her antics here!

Until then, here are some work doodles (did you know I like cats?), and a drawing of a church tower from across the street at my work. My co-worker said he would like to draw the architecture, and I went along with him to the little courtyard at the Episcopal parish. It was quite nice, and the stained glass inside is phenomenal. I hope to draw more with him there soon!