Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Club 3 and Graduation

Here are some drawings from the LA Drawing Club a  few weeks ago. I still have a bunch more to post, but will do so in time!

My graduation ceremony is coming up and I am very excited to walk with my classmates :) Since it's the College of the Arts, it includes not only art but music, film, dance, theater, and design. And I have a couple friends in other departments, including one of my best buds, Gabby.

It's pretty crazy because once it's over, I'll permanently step into the realm of Not a Student Anymore, an area that looks down upon Messing Up, discourages Sleeping In or Partying It Up(the last two usually come hand in hand), and unfortunately lacks student discounts. I already have taken a tentative step into this place, having taken a full-time position and being expected to pay more bills and insurance payments, though I am still not completely comfortable here. I find myself sitting silently in the office kitchen while others chat about their 15-month old babies or their friends' wedding ceremonies, wondering instead if I can squeeze enough time out of my day to watch How to Train Your Dragon after work (I could not). I find myself in limbo, stuck between a world who calls me "ma'am" and my co-worker who calls me "kid." Somehow I imagine graduation to dramatically accelerate my slow drift into adulthood, though I know it will not. I try and think of ways to speed this up on my own by dressing less in printed t-shirts and more in ruffly tops and slacks, listening more to political radio, ...possibly pretending I have a baby? But then I remember that I've been an adult for far less time than I've been a child (4 to 18, a ratio of 2:9), and I probably just need more practice before I get it down right. 

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  1. Well, I guess that's the best part about being an artist, especially an animator - indulging on your kid side is what fosters creativity.

    Of course, it doesn't hurt to pretend to have a baby as well.

    Don't worry. We are all in this together - I'm super proud of you getting a job right away out of college! You are amazing :).