Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Work

Nothing much has changed since I last updated this blog with content on my own life, except that I started a new job :) It was quite by accident, as the freelance position I applied for ended up changing into a full-time animation assistant position for some Flash e-courses. It's pretty awesome so far, as I get to draw every day! Yay! I work in Glendale, but still live with my awesome grandmother, who has me to help her out with various activities, including making homemade kumquat preserves, weeding her garden, and watching Dancing with the Stars Monday and Tuesday nights. She is quite hilarious at times, and I hope to soon illustrate some of her antics here!

Until then, here are some work doodles (did you know I like cats?), and a drawing of a church tower from across the street at my work. My co-worker said he would like to draw the architecture, and I went along with him to the little courtyard at the Episcopal parish. It was quite nice, and the stained glass inside is phenomenal. I hope to draw more with him there soon!

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