Monday, April 30, 2012

LA Drawing Club 2 + Finally have Internet

So here are a few of my drawings from an LA Drawing Club session a while back,  maybe a month ago, with a Bladerunner theme. I finally ordered internet at my grandmother's house, now that I got a new job that will last a while! Since I last posted, I got a position as a Flash animation assistant working on some e-courses for a marketing company. It's not really so much animation as it is moving illustrations, but I am just happy to be drawing for a living (at least for a little while)!

Anyways, that position made me decide to actually get internet here, now that I will be here for quite a while longer than the initial 3 months I was planning on. Yay! Ok, well, Dancing with the Stars is on now, and I always watch with my grandma, but I will definitely post a bunch of drawings from the past few weeks now that I have internet access. :)

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