Friday, February 24, 2012

Interview Attire with Diagram

Whenever I get an interview, I'm always worried about what to wear. Like most people, I am concerned about under dressing, what to do with my hair, what shoes to wear, if I should wear jewelry, etc. In a Non-Verbal Communications course, I was instructed to wear a two-piece suit, have my hair nice and back, wear small, closed-toed heels or pumps, and not wear any jewelry apart from simple earrings. However, a week before an internship fair on campus, I had an art teacher joke with some students and me about what to wear:

Prof: So you gonna come in all dressed with your suit and tie, nice shiny shoes with your hair all done?
Us: (not sure if he is being sarcastic) ...yes?
Prof: Haha no, really. Don't do that, you'll look like an idiot. Look at what I'm wearing, (gestures to self) this is what I would usually wear to an interview. A simple button down and some skinny jeans. Maybe comb my hair.
Us: ... wha? really?

So I made this chart to help myself and other artists on what to wear for your interview:

Of course for big companies I would stick closer to the traditional business side. But seriously, I showed up to an art interview once in exactly the traditional business attire, and the lady looked at me like I was crazy (I didn't get the position).

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