Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apartment Doodle and Work

A quick sketch of an apartment across the street during lunch today.
Two of my friends got hired at my company, and one of them started this week. :) So we have been taking short walks on our lunches and drawing things. It's nice having a sketching buddy again!
Work is hard. Somehow I am now doing graphic design... cause we are so swamped with card design orders. Too bad I was never actually trained in graphic design, so I am winging it mostly. I am doing well, but am way slow! It's becoming a bit of a problem so I stayed late at work today... until 7pm. Which means I put in a 10 hour day (not counting my hour lunch). The hardest part about my day is coming home to my desktop and readjusting myself to using PC hotkeys and shortcuts instead of Mac ones lol. I keep hitting ALT instead of CTRL. Ah, artist issues.

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