Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sooo a while ago my awesome friend Jeff invited me to join the Wellcast animation team at Mahalo. And it's been great! With a group of about eight of us, we've already wrangled over 8,000 subscribers and over 300,000 views! The animation is very rough, but its more the content that gets the viewers interested. 

One of our videos was featured once, so it has a ton of views! BUT the second most viewed video is one I worked on, called The Party Survival Guide for Introverts. Again, the animation is rough, and I have like three days of turnaround time (ok, like seven, but I always procrastinate... plus I have my full time job too!), so it's not the most amazing animation. But its been a really fun time working on these! And now I have a partner to work with, so the workload is much better. We just put up our first joint animation, fittingly, on Procrastination. 

As I said it's been a fantastic time working on these, and we have 100 episodes to do all together (two released each week), so it'll be long time until we complete the project! And the viewers love it! We've been getting a lot of our ideas from comments. Soon Jeff said we'll be sharing our portfolio websites with the viewers, so I need to get working on mine... finally buy a domain haha.


  1. Hey, love the animation you do for wellcast! I like the cartoony style and expressive gestures. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Oh wow, thanks so much! :) I have a great time making them! More to come for sure.